A Better Research Support Experience


Established in 1987 with a handful of determined employees, NDR cut its teeth during a time when qualitative marketing research relied heavily on evening focus groups and IDI’s as the primary methods to collect qualitative data. Over the years, the industry has evolved, and so has NDR. Today, we’re a best-in-class marketing services organization providing local and national data collection support services for all field and online methodologies.

Our job is to make life a few shades easier for our clients. By taking a proactive and consultative approach to research support, we’re able to deliver a level of business insight, project knowhow and personal service that few can match. And along the way, we’ve nurtured many close and long-standing relationships with our clients.

Client Testimonial

“NDR has a can-do attitude like no one else and have never let us down. Unlike just about all of our other partners who have misses sometimes and get put in the “time out box” where we don’t give them work for a period of time, NDR has never let us down. They’re great to deal with and have really strong customer service along with great recruits. For me to never have heard any one on our PM team complain about a project they’re handling is remarkable. I honestly can’t say that about any of our other partners.”

– Long-standing Client